The SEED programs cater for Year 7-12 students and aspires to improve both athletic performance through specialist coaching, and empower students to be active, engaged and positive members of the community.


Year 6 SEEDlings

Northern Bay campuses have been accepted by SSV as a combined school as of 2020. This means all four P-8 campuses will compete in teams together.

All Year 6 students will represent the college in ability based teams chosen through a SEEDLINGS program. Students will be transported to one campus to participate in training with PE staff and other Year 6 staff members on multiple occasions during late Term 3 and early Term 4.

Participation in athletics and cross country will be college based instead of campus. Sports representation in winter lightning premiership include T-Ball, Badminton, Netball, AFL and Soccer. Summer lightning premiership will include Softball/T-Ball, Tennis, Volleyball, Rounders and Cricket.

Year 7 & 8 SEED:

All Year 7 & 8 students from our four Prep-8 campuses are involved in two hours of sport once a week where they participate in sports of their choice in five week blocks. During these sessions students receive expert coaching and skill development from qualified coaches who have high level experience.

The Sports students can choose from include:

AFL, Netball, Badminton, Soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Dance, Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Baseball, Softball, Lawn Bowls, Golf and Tennis.

Students also participate in a three week swimming program and four week athletics program in Term 1.

Year 7 & 8 SEED Development Squad

The Year 7 & 8 SEED Development Squad program is an application and interview entry elective that requires students to demonstrate a passion for sport and physical activity and an interest in a career pathway in those areas.
The focus areas for the Year 7 & 8 SEED Development Squad are performance preparation, performance excellence and performance support (specialist coaching and access to fitness specialists).
The structure of the program consists of a full day once a week where the students will be picked up from their campus in the morning and returned by the end of the normal school day.
Students participate in the following:
• A range of elite sport experiences (Collingwood, Western Bulldogs, Melbourne Storm, North Melbourne, Geelong Cats in 2019)
• Specialist coaching sessions with the Year 9 & 10 SEED students (Transition into Goldsworthy campus)
• Education around recovery and practical experiences at Waterworld
• Education sessions with qualified allied health professionals and local organisations such as the VFA
• Theory sessions with a focus on sport and physical education that incorporates an element of literacy and numeracy. This includes fitness testing, training methods, anatomy and biomechanics.
• Development of leadership skills, along with character qualities that will make them highly employable in the future.

Year 9 & 10 SEED:

In Year 9 & 10 students can apply to be part of the SEED program which runs as an elective for the whole year. Some students are identified through the Year 7 & 8 SEED program and encouraged to apply in Year 9. Other students apply through a keen interest in a particular sport or a pathway in the Health/PE/Sport industry.


Year 9 & 10 SEED students participate in 2 hours of specialist coaching in one of the sports offered each week for the year. The sports in 2020 are Basketball, AFL and Soccer. (This can change from year to year based on student interest)
SEED students will also complete one hour with a fitness focus each week.
The fourth hour of this elective focuses on education to improve performance. Students will be educated in areas such as nutrition, mental preparation, training methods and recovery methods.

Before School, Lunchtime & After School Programs (VCE and VCAL Inclusive):

All students, including VCE and VCAL students completing their senior years, have access to a variety of before, in and after school programs based on student interest. Some of the specialist coaching sessions and programs we have organised include:

  • Morning Volleyball and Basketball squads.
  •  Afternoon athletics at Goldsworthy Athletics Track.
  •  Cricket coaching utilising our new cricket nets and bowling machine purchased through money donated by the Lord's Taverners charity group.
  •  Morning Yoga sessions.
  •  Recess and Lunchtime Fitness sessions.
  •  Daily Interschool Sport training opportunities.

Northern Bay College Staff also assist with handing out equipment for students to use during recess and lunchtime to encourage the use of our amazing facilities. Each recess and lunchtime you can witness a sea of students using the soccer pitch for soccer/AFL, our multipurpose courts for volleyball and tennis, our cricket nets and our outdoor basketball courts. Our gym is also used for a multitude of sports during these breaks, including basketball, futsal and volleyball.

SEED Across the Years Synopsis

• VCE: After-school and Before-school programs and individual support
• VCAL: After-school and Before-school programs and individual support
• (VCAL SEED Program to be implemented in 2021)
• Year 9 & 10: SEED Elective Subject
• Year 7 & 8: All-inclusive SEED sport sessions
• Select Entry SEED Development Squad
• Year 6: SEEDLINGS Program
• Year 3-5: Clinics/PE Staff/Sporting Schools funding (Talent Identification)
• Year P-2: Clinics/PE Staff/Sporting Schools funding (Fundamental Motor Skills)

Experience a variety of sporting opportunities through access to local clubs, coaches and facilities.