The SEED programs cater for Year 7-12 students and aspires to improve both athletic performance through specialist coaching, and empower students to be active, engaged and positive members of the community.


Year 7 & 8 SEED:

All Year 7 & 8 students from our four Prep-8 campuses are involved in two hours of sport once a week where they participate in sports of their choice in five week blocks. During these sessions students receive expert coaching and skill development from qualified coaches who have high level experience.

The Sports students can choose from include:

AFL, Netball, Badminton, Soccer, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Baseball, Softball, Gridiron and Tennis.

Students also participate in a three week athletics program in Term 1 and a four week swimming program in Term 4.

Year 9 SEED:

In Year 9 students can apply to be part of the SEED program which runs as an elective for the whole year. Some students are identified through the Year 7 & 8 SEED program and encouraged to apply in Year 9. Other students apply through a keen interest in a particular sport or a pathway in the Health/PE/Sport industry.


Year 9 SEED students participate in 2 hours of specialist coaching in one of the sports offered each week for the year.
SEED students will also complete one hour with a fitness focus each week.
The fourth hour of this elective focuses on education to improve performance. Students will be educated in areas such as nutrition, mental preparation, training methods and recovery methods.

Year 10 SEED:

To be introduced in 2019 as a continuation of the Year 9 SEED program.

Before School & After School Programs:

Year 9-12 students will have access to programs before and after school.

This includes:

  • Elite sport squads where students will receive specialist coaching.
  • Breakfast club where students will be able to access healthy breakfast options.
  • A variety of fitness classes run by experts in the fitness industry.

Experience a variety of sporting opportunities through access to local clubs, coaches and facilities.