For Students:
• Access to specialist coaching in a variety of sports through our inclusive Year 7 & 8 program, our specialised Year 9 program and our before and after school programs.
• Access to the highest quality facilities both on-site and through local services.
• Access to clear pathways into the allied health/fitness/sport industries through our HAPE programs.

For sporting clubs and organisations:

• Ability to hire our facilities for use.
• Provide opportunities for NBC students to represent your club/organisation.
• Utilisation of our SEED staff for club use.

• To help support & develop young athletes through our SEED programs.
• Gain valuable experience working Steven ‘Stoofa’ Lewry- personal trainer and motivational speaker with 30 years’ experience working with multiple world class athletes and teams.
• To network with coaches across a variety of sports.


The SEED program aims to stimulate student contributions to their learning and the desire to develop as a positive College community member.