SEED Soccer

This week the NBC SEED yr 7 & 8 boys soccer teams went to Myers Res to compete in the Barwon Division tournaments. After months of extensive training and practice all the hard work has paid off for our college, and these students, with success in these tournaments.

The determination, spirit and sporting good will these students showed throughout the tournament was a credit to our college and was a PRIVILEGE to witness, not only to watch but to coach these boys throughout this process has been a wonderful, rewarding experience and one they have grown into.

Most of these boys at the start of the program didn’t know each other from other campuses, but over the months of training together they started to build a bond that showed all to well in the final matches played over the 2 days. They fought for each other, ran extra distance for each other and enjoyed in each others success at the end of the day. I believe this wouldn’t have been able to of been accomplished without the work that has been put in by a certain set of people (who know who they are) and the students to have been given the opportunity to ‘bond’ together and ‘learn’ new tactics and skills.

Well done to these boys, ALL should enjoy in their success and wish them luck in the next stage of competition!!